Marketing Plan

Preparing for Listing - Research and Strategic Planning

A marketing plan is the key to a successful sales journey. We start our planning even before listing, taking note of the property’s top highlights, evaluating the neighbourhood, and strategically pricing it to stay competitive.

Comprehensive Market Research for Optimal Pricing

Our approach to pricing your home is grounded in diligent and thorough research. We avoid guesswork and “ballpark” figures by strategically analyzing recent comparable sales data. This enables us to position your home attractively to a broad audience while maximizing your investment. We examine trends, neighbourhood characteristics, and carefully consider all factors, including your financial objectives and timeline, to determine the optimal price for your property.

Proactive Feedback Monitoring for Effective Positioning

We take a proactive approach to gathering feedback from agents who preview and show your home. We value their comments and insights, as well as the feedback from their clients. This valuable input allows us to strategically position your home for optimal sales potential. By actively seeking and leveraging critical feedback, we ensure your property is in the best possible position to attract potential buyers.

Staging, Showings, and Open Houses are Crucial for Selling Success

While online viewing of homes for sale has increased significantly, the importance of in- person experiences cannot be overstated. Staging, arranging showings, and hosting open houses continue to be integral to the sales process. These essential steps ensure that potential buyers can personally experience the property, enhancing their connection and increasing the likelihood of a successful sale.

Marketing Strategy and Staging

Each listed home receives a tailored marketing strategy and a high-quality feature sheet. We assist you in staging and enhancing curb appeal, ensuring a swift sale by presenting your home at its best. Property Showings: Personal property showings are scheduled with your convenience in mind. We only schedule showings for genuine potential buyers, minimizing disruptions and increasing the likelihood of receiving an offer.

Open Houses

Despite technology advancements, open houses remain effective. We schedule open houses at your convenience, targeting serious buyers. Virtual open houses offer flexibility for buyers while providing valuable feedback. Interested buyers receive a well- produced feature sheet to remember your home.

Weekly Seller Updates

We understand your concerns as a seller, which is why we proactively provide weekly updates on showings, feedback, inquiries, and marketing activity. This fosters communication and allows us to address any thoughts or concerns you may have, ensuring our accessibility throughout the process.

Effective Home Marketing to Attract Buyers

We employ a comprehensive approach to ensure your home reaches qualified buyers. Our marketing strategy encompasses traditional methods like print materials, flyers, and For Sale signs, as well as a robust online presence across various platforms such as social media, websites & email. This generates a consistent flow of inquiries about our listed properties.

In-House Print Shop

Our dedicated graphic designer and in-house print shop produce top-quality marketing pieces with quick turnaround times. Buyers receive superior take-home materials like flyers, brochures, and feature sheets, giving our clients a competitive edge.

MLS Exposure

Through the Calgary Real Estate Board’s MLS system, we showcase your home to over 5,000 professional real estate agents. Our expertise in descriptions and imaging ensures your property captures the attention of this vast network of sales professionals.

Active Marketing

With an extensive buyer database already in place, we engage in daily marketing and prospecting efforts to reach new potential buyers. We bring a sense of urgency to selling your home and maintain visibility while actively seeking referrals.

Internet and Digital Marketing

Leveraging the power of the internet, we employ effective digital marketing tactics. Your home will be featured on major websites, including,, CIR, and others. Our online presence spans company websites, agent websites, neighbourhood websites, and social media accounts. We also utilize email marketing to reach prospective and active buyers, ensuring your home is available 24/7 to thousands of potential buyers.

Professional Imaging

Our photographers and videographers excel at capturing your property’s best angles, lighting, and utilizing 3D interactive virtual tours. These high-quality visuals bring your listing to life, leaving a lasting impression on buyers.

Prominent For Sale Signs

Our distinctive For Sale signs, representing one of Canada’s largest and reputable real estate company, serve as a simple yet effective marketing tool, attracting attention and indicating the listing’s credibility.


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