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Tatiana Chalamova

Realtor, Protecting Your Interests

About Tatiana

Tatiana Chalamova is an experienced realtor whose primary priority is protecting her client’s interests. Born in Mariupol, Ukraine, Tatiana moved to Russia with her parents after completing high school. She then enrolled at Tyumen University, where she met her future spouse. After finishing her studies, Tatiana worked as an English language teacher in a school in the northern city of Nizhnevartovsk. When the first American-Russian joint venture opened in the city, Tatiana joined as a translator. After working for 10 years in this company, she made the decision to immigrate to Canada. During her time at Occidental Petroleum, Tatiana had the opportunity to travel abroad frequently, including to the United States, Canada, and other countries. Impressed by the mountains and beautiful nature of Calgary, she and her husband decided to settle there.

By the time they moved to Calgary, Tatiana and her husband already had two daughters, and soon after their arrival, they learned that their family would be expanding with one more member. Despite not having their own housing and relying solely on her husband’s job prospects, they were happy about the upcoming addition. A year later, they built a new home and moved to a new neighborhood, gradually improving their lives, and everything was going well. However, one night Tatiana received an unsettling phone call informing her that her husband had been in an accident, and his condition was unknown. Later, they learned that he survived but required surgery, which he had to undergo in Helsinki. After three months, her husband was laid off, and during this difficult time, Tatiana made the decision to become a realtor to support her family.

The rest is history. Even during the toughest moments of her first year, she never regretted the choice she made. Tatiana has a genuine love for working with and for people. Taking care of them and ensuring they find the best home, a place where their family’s history will be made, brings her immense joy. When working with sellers, she goes above and beyond to help them sell their property for the highest value possible. Over the years, Tatiana has built a reputation as a professional, knowledgeable, honest, kind, and highly responsive realtor. She takes great pride in assisting people in achieving their goals and realizing their dreams. Tatiana always works in the best interests of her clients, providing guidance and protection throughout the process. Many of her clients have become dear friends, and now their children are buying and selling properties with her. The majority of her business comes from referrals. Rest assured, Tatiana will take excellent care of you, ensuring that your investment is a wise one when buying a property. For sellers, she has an extensive marketing plan and budget in place to ensure that your property is sold for the highest possible price. Your satisfaction and success are Tatiana’s top priorities, and she will go the extra mile to exceed your expectations. Let’s embark on this journey with Tatiana to make your real estate goals a reality.

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Client-Realtor Interaction Guide

Initial Meeting

Purpose: Establish goals, budget, and timeline. Assess realtor's expertise and discuss service scope. This foundation sets expectations for both parties.

Agreement & Strategy

Purpose: Formalize the client-realtor relationship with an agreement and develop a strategic approach to searching (for buyers) or marketing (for sellers). This ensures a clear path forward.

Property Selection

Purpose: For buyers, it's about narrowing down choices and viewing potential homes. For sellers, it involves preparing and listing the property. The goal is to align options with client goals effectively.

Offer & Negotiation

Purpose: Craft and submit a compelling offer (buyers) or evaluate and respond to offers (sellers). Skillful negotiation aims to achieve favorable terms for the client.

Finalizing Deal

Purpose: Complete due diligence activities like inspections and appraisals, secure financing, and meet contingencies. This phase is crucial for ensuring the transaction progresses smoothly towards a successful close.

Closing Transaction

Purpose: Legally transfer property ownership, involving the signing of documents and finalizing the sale. The realtor guides the client through this process, aiming for a seamless transition and closing.

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