A Simple Guide for Property Preparation

The Front View Greets the Buyer

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Make sure it is inviting. Keep your lawn well manicured and your gutters cleaned. Power washing the house, sidewalks, decks and driveways will greatly improve curb appeal. A new coat of paint on the front door and porch rails will give your entrance a fresh look!

Dust & Dirt Reduce Appeal for Your Home

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Inspect for cobwebs in the corners, dusty ceiling fans, dirty baseboards and carpets. A small investment in time and good cleaning will make your home look its best and give the greatest return.

De-clutter, Tidy, and Clean

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Declutter to make rooms appear larger and more inviting. Store non-essential items and aim for a minimalist, hotel-like elegance. Clean, organized spaces attract buyers, making your home feel welcoming and new."


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Keep new looking kitchen appliances. New items help the property look more modern and up-to-date, get rid of any old looking kitchen appliances. Ensure dishes, pots, and pans are put away. If any of them are visible, make sure they are stacked neatly. Get rid of any smaller non-functional items such as fridge magnets. Wipe down all flat surfaces, we don’t want to have any water stains, drip spots.


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Store and hide all bottles and products. Clean any water stains. Put out clean, matching, and neatly folded towels. Put the toilet seat down.


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Try to have neutral beddings and set the bed. Store and hide personal belongings that are non-decorative. Dust off any flat surfaces.

Living rooms

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Store and hide any personal belongings that are non-decorative.

Depersonalize Your Place

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You want your potential buyers to see the property and imagine it being theirs. This vision is easier to create without someone personal belonging visible in every point of the home. Put away: Family photos, Certificates, Trophies, Children’s artwork.

Put Away Pets Items

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Having a pet as part of your family is a personal choice, but not a choice that may be made by everyone. Don’t discourage any potential buyers from the sight of your pet gear, so hide the dog bed and kitty litter.

Put Away the Cords

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You may have gotten used to it and will tolerate the visible cords lying around, but this makes your place look cluttered. Hide any power cords, TV cables, and any visible wires to any electronics. If you can’t hide something, unplug it just for the day of the shoot.

Handyman Tasks

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Many properties have small fix ups that need to be done around the home, dented walls, chipped paint, or loose baseboards. Pull out your handyman tool belt you don’t want your buyers to feel like your property was neglected, so let’s start crossing off that to-do list you’ve been putting off.


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An organized closet can significantly enhance your property's appeal. Start by decluttering: remove out-of-season or unworn items. Then, categorize and color-coordinate your clothes from dark to light for visual appeal. Finally, use matching hangers and evenly space items. A neat closet not only looks great but also suggests careful home maintenance to potential buyers.

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